Florida Man July 19th – Florida Man Caught Shooting at Mall

Florida man July 19th

Florida Man 19th July is another random event in the life of the Florida man, on July 19th what happened? Read the full in depth story below:


Florida man July 19th – Florida man shoots at mall windows with AR12 rifle


In the evening of Florida man July 19th, a Florida man was arrested for shooting at a mall window from afar from his residence in Tallahassee, FL. The Florida man was using small windows at the top of the building for target practice, unaware that there were people in offices behind those windows.


Police were called after a reported shooter was attempting to shoot the staff at ‘Taffy’s build a bear company’ on Florida man July 19th, stating that it must be an avid competitor wanting to take them out. When police found the shooter, he was sitting on a nearby roof in a vest and tights smoking a cigar, and the Florida man was unaware that he was breaking the law.


The Florida man July 19th arrest


The Florida man July 19th was arrested and shot with a taser as he refused to holster his rifle. The Florida man mistakenly believed that the 2nd amendment overrode state law when it unfortunately did not. Officers removed the man from the roof and recovered the weapon, which was unlicensed and illegal.

When we caught up with the officers, they told us that the Florida man thought that the top area of the mall was abandoned as he’d seen kids throwing stones through the windows, so he wanted to finish the job and clear the rest of the windows out.


The Florida man July 19th sentence


The Florida man July 19th, now finally named as Tom Kraber, was sentenced to 4 years in a maximum state penitentiary, with the Judge telling the Jury “I gave the minimum sentence on this occasion because the man has a good stable history and shows remorse for the people he almost injured, hopefully the prison system can work with him to help him understand the rules better”.


Our Florida man July 19th thoughts


Wow, what on earth happens in the schooling system in Florida for them to not understand the basic laws in place. I know where I won’t be going on holiday that’s for sure.

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