Florida Man May 27th – Florida Man Blows Up Sink Hole

Florida man may 27th

Florida Man May 27th is another scary event in the life of the Florida man. On the 27th May, what did the Florida man do? Read the in depth story below:


Florida man May 27th 2008- Florida man blows up sink hole that ate his dog


On Florida man May 27th 2008 a Florida man threw 3 tonnes of charged explosives and a claymore into a sinkhole that had swallowed his dog, and half of his car. It is understood that the Florida man was an arms dealer who was looking to retire to the country with his dog, before the sinkhole swallowed the dog up and hurt the Florida man deeply. 


The Florida man was sentenced to 1 year in county court jail for blowing up the sinkhole due to the road damages caused and the repair costs necessary, as it is thought that the blast may have also disrupted local house foundations too. The Florida man blew a hole in the floor approximately 220 meters in diameter, and the cause of the sinkhole was cleared at the same time. 

Florida man May 27th 2016- Florida man eats neighbors fence


On Florida man May 27th a methed up Florida man was seen eating his neighbors fence on May 27th 2016 when a neighbor came home from a night out to discover that 7 full fence panels were missing. Upon looking around, he found a trail of wood chippings running to a neighbors house and after peering through the window, saw the Florida man eating the wood ferociously. 


The Florida man noticed the neighbor through the window after a few knocks and proceeded to get his shotgun out, fearing that the neighbor was going to take his tasty meal away, so the Florida man had the police called on him, and was unfortunately shot at the scene as he raised his gun towards officers when he again believed they were going to take his fence away from him. 


Florida man May 27th 2022- Florida man steals Mike Tysons’ teeth


On Florida man May 27th 2022 a Florida man stuck into Mike Tyson’s mansion and attempted to steal his teeth, before being mauled by one of Tyson’s security tigers. The Florida man in question was attempting to take Tyson’s teeth for himself and auction them off online back to the retired boxer, but had bitten off more than he could chew when he was attacked by the tigers on the premises. 


The Florida man was caught and jailed for 18 weeks for burglary, and after receiving medical treatment for a missing arm was sent to jail to serve his sentence. What on earth was going through this Florida mans head when he decided to try to steal from the Mike Tyson?


Sometimes we wonder what goes on in the mind of Florida man May 27th, it seems that he just makes the worst decisions available to him in the moment. Sometimes all it takes is one silly move, such as stealing Mike Tyson’s teeth to go down in history, and one thing is for sure, this Florida man sure did that.


When the Florida man was released from Jail, Mike Tyson greeted him at the gates, offering him work to turn his life around, last reports say that the Florida man is currently being treated for grevious wounds, made from tiger claws.


Our Florida man May 27th thoughts


There’s definitely something in the air every May 27th in Florida, if I were you, I’d avoid the state on May 27th if you can, otherwise you might catch a random Florida man in the act of doing something weird!


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