Florida Man April 17th – Florida Man Caught Poisoning Local Cats

Florida man April 17th

Florida Man April 17th is another random event in the life of the Florida man, on April 17th what happened? Read the full in depth story below:


Florida man April 17th – Florida man caught giving rat poison to local cats


In the late afternoon of Florida man April 17th, a Florida man was caught giving rat poison to local cats before being pinned down by an onlooker. The man was seen on multiple occasions hitting out at the cats on the week running up to the crime, shouting that they were a taint within his community.


The Florida man April 17th was then seen entering the local Walmart in Tallahassee before exiting with different types of cat food and also with rat poison. A local community officer followed the Florida man due to the suspicious purchase, and caught him red handed attempting to entice the cats with the poison loaded within cat food.


The Florida man April 17th arrest


The Florida man April 17th was arrested at the scene immediately after loading the cat food with the poison, and trying to distribute it to the cats on the street. The Florida man was tackled to the ground by several officers as he threatened to eat the poison himself, and was thankfully saved by the officers before he could ingest any.


The Florida man April 17th sentence


The Florida man, now named as Daryl Weep, was sentenced to 12 months in the local state prison with bail set at $100,000. As bail was not posted, the Florida man will be required to serve the full sentence along with 120 hours of community service. A jury member was caught up with after the trial on April 17th and told us “the sentence was light for the damage he could have caused, it’s entirely possible that the cats will have PTSD from this and we will need to monitor their health going forward”.

Our Florida man April 17th thoughts


This stupid Florida man almost caused several animals their lives, luckily for Florida though, there are many Florida men who look after their animals in times of need. If you want to hear about a Florida man who cared about the local cats, read on here: Man risks his life to save tiny cat from drowning in Hurricane Ian (msn.com).

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