Florida Man October 16th – Florida Man Lost at Sea Found in Local Bar

Florida man october 16th

Florida Man October 16th is another crazy event in the life of the Florida man. On the 18th November, what did the Florida man do? Read the in depth story below:

Florida man november 18th 2

Florida man October 16th 2009 – Florida man reported lost at sea is found in local bar


On Florida man October 16th a Florida man that was declared lost at sea on November 18th 2001 was discovered in a local Florida bar on November 18th 2009 when his family were celebrating the anniversary of his funeral in the same bar. The Florida man was washed out to sea before being picked up 18 miles out by a Thai boat, where they took him on as a slave for the next 8 years before he earned his freedom fighting his way out of the markets. 


The Florida man, who had just returned from the perilous journey, was seen in tears as his daughter was now 18 years old, and he did not recognise her because it had been so long. The Florida man’s wife had moved on with the Florida man’s brother, which he accepted would have been the case as they were both quite close before his disappearance. The Florida man was heard saying “Y’all family, I have been through so much, but I’m home now” before passing out drunk on the bar top. 

Florida man October 16th 2021 – Florida man paints street pink


A Florida man was seen painting an entire row of 18 houses pink on the Florida man October 16th 2021 in celebration of pride, that was coming to Florida for the first time since Trump had it canceled 4 years prior. 


The Florida man was arrested for painting houses without permission, one of which had recently been sold for over $1.3 million dollars, of which the buyer is now thinking of pulling out due to the cost that it would have to paint the property again. It is thought that the Florida man would be sentenced to at least 18 years in prison for the offense, but due to undistinguished laws on the subject it’s possible that the Florida man may get away with it. 

Florida man October 16th 2020 – Florida man scams multi billion dollar company


Florida man October 16th 2020 is a story about a Florida man who scammed a multi billion dollar building association when he ordered materials for over 2000 houses through their system after hacking it from home. The Florida man had all of the materials delivered to a private site that he had rented, and was auctioning off all of the materials for the builds before being caught out after the company had an audit. 


The Florida man was sentenced to 27 years in prison for costing the company a total of $137 million dollars in materials, and pocketing almost $67 million in cash before being caught. 


Our Florida man October 16th thoughts


Wow, street painting gone wrong, multi million dollar scams and a Florida man lost at sea, some of these stories are amazing, so empathic, so emotional. 


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