Florida Man January 23rd – Florida Man Arrests Police Officer

Florida man january 23rd

Florida Man January 23rd is another instance where the renowned Florida man fights back against the law. On January 23rd, what did the Florida man do? Read the full story:


Florida Man January 23rd, Florida man arrests police officer for pulling gun on young men


A brave Florida man on January 23rd arrested an armed police officer when the officer pulled his gun on a small group of young black men as they played basketball in the street. The Florida man saw the officer pull the gun from his hip and slur racial abuse at the young men aged around 13 & 14 before telling them he will bury them where they belong.


A witness to the event spoke to us this evening on January 23rd and told us that the officer is a regular in those parts, and “he often harms young black men when he can”. “We live in fear of his vehicle and have a neighborhood watch where we alert each other when he is on his way around, but he came in an unmarked vehicle off duty to torment us further”.


The Florida man January 23rd arrest

The brave Florida man, named Jamie McCow rushed the police officer before disarming him and pinning him to the ground, allowing the boys to back off to a safe distance. The Florida man then wrestled, and detained the police officer before using his radio to call for backup. At the trial some weeks later, footage from the phones of the young males were used as evidence against the police officer, who was jailed and stripped of his law enforcement badge permanently.


The Florida man January 23rd sentence

The Florida man’s actions saw the police officer jailed for 2 years for misuse of a firearm and stripped of his badges. An onlooker at the trial told us “the officer really is a nasty piece of work, this is what the American system churns out in badly educated areas, misogyny and racism”. The judge did not offer bail on this occasion due to the nature of the crime that was committed.


Our Florida man January 23rd thoughts


We are in disbelief here that a police officer there to enforce the law could act so violently towards children playing in the street. Thank god Florida man was there to save those children.

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