Florida Man February 14th – Free Florida Man Flies into Space

Florida man february 14th

Florida Man February 14th is another scary event in the life of the Florida man. On February 14th, what did the Florida man do? Read the in depth story below:


Florida man February 14th 2021 – Florida man flies to space with Jeff Bezos


On Florida man February 14th 2021 a Florida man secretly flew into space with renowned Amazon owner Jeff Bezos. The Florida man, being hailed as one of the luckiest men alive, won a ticket aboard when he subscribed to Amazon prime as the 50 millionth subscriber. 


The lucky Florida man unfortunately was mobbed when he returned to the suburbs, and died of gunshot wounds as he had bragged to the wrong people. Others in the local community believed that he should have sold the spot and fed the money into the community to bring its prospects up, so no children would go hungry again. Unlucky Florida man. 


Florida man February 14th 2013 – Florida man eats neighbors dog


On Florida man February 14th 2013 a Florida man was arrested for stealing his neighbors dog and eating it, before burying the bones in the yard. The Florida man would not have been caught, if it weren’t for his own cat digging up the bones and collar from the yard days later. 


The Florida man sincerely apologized, stating that his addiction to meth had led him to do silly things over the years, and offered to work off the debt that another dog would cost. The Florida man was imprisoned for his crime and sentenced to 17 years for the harm done to the animal. 


Florida man February 14th 2022 – Florida man chokes on chorizo


On Florida man February 14th 2022 a Florida man choked on a chorizo whilst out with his family enjoying tapas. 


The Florida man was seen earlier entering the tapas in Gainesville Florida, before ambulances arrived 25 minutes later carting the man off whilst attempting to resuscitate him. 


The Florida man, now named as Jarrod Bowen, unfortunately died after being unable to dislodge the chorizo in time. When his air ways were finally cleared, paramedics could not resuscitate the Florida man due to the amount of time his brain had lacked oxygen, and opted to call it after 20 minutes of trying. 


Our Florida man February 14th thoughts


February 14th wasn’t too bad a date for the infamous Florida man, apart from the Florida man being a little too hungry it seems like quite a lucky date! 

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