Florida Man June 3rd – Florida Man Sells Teeth to Buy Kanye West Album

Florida man june 3rd

Florida man June 3rd 2014 – Florida man sells his teeth to afford the new Kanye West album


On Florida man June 3rd, a Florida man sold all of his teeth to a local Shaman so he could afford the new Kanye West album. 


The Florida man, known as Max Stepperman, was living on state benefits when the album came out, and as he could not afford it with his state pay he decided to take matters into his own hands. 


The Florida man sought out a local shaman who needed teeth to complete a ritual, and sold his top and bottom sets of teeth for $25 so he could buy the album. When we caught up with the Florida man he told us “it was so worth it, Kanye is a genius and I couldn’t have lived with myself if I didn’t hear this music. 


We did not tell the Florida man about Youtube being free, and all of the songs being available on there as he did not seem mentally stable. 


Florida man June 3rd 2015 – Florida Man hides lobster eggs in dogs ears


On Florida man June 3rd, a Florida man hid a prized set of blue lobster eggs in his dogs ears, before his dog began scratching furiously and yelping continuously for days. 


Pet services were called when the Florida man’s neighbors were concerned about the amount of noise coming from the man’s apartment, and after a short investigation the Florida man was arrested and lobster larvae were removed from the dogs ears leaving permanent damage. 


The Florida man was arrested and charged for the harm done to his pet, and for stealing the lobster eggs in the beginning which are said to be so rare that they cannot be priced. He was sentenced to 11 months in jail and has been given a 24 month pet ban on his property. 


Florida man June 3rd 2016 – Florida Man sails around the world on Dinghy


On Florida man June 3rd, a Florida man sailed around the world on a small rubber dinghy, with the trip taking an astonishing 171 days. 


The Florida man, who had suffered severe wind and water burns, was seen landing back at Miami beach, Florida when he broke down in tears, as the trip was more mentally and physically tiring than he’d ever imagined. 


The Florida man told us “the storms, the high winds, on a little dinghy it can really send you off course and you can’t sleep. I went 5 days without sleep at one point, I don’t know how I made it home”. 


When checking his GPS history for the trip, it turns out that the Florida man’s journey was not as expected, and that he had only circled the bermuda triangle 17 times during the storms, and did not in fact circle the planet as he had told us, he has been removed from the records and stricken from the sailing clubs for the offense. 


Our Florida man June 3rd thoughts


Wow, surely if you couldn’t afford an album you’d just borrow it, or use youtube it. Either way, June 3rd is one of the most entertaining dates in the world of Flroida man yet. 


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