Florida Man 15 January – Florida Man Caught Free With $4m in Stolen Bank Notes

Florida man 15 january

Florida man 15 January is yet another disastrous event for a Florida man. On the 15th day of January what did he go and do? Read the full story here:


Florida Man 15 January 2019- Florida man arrested for being caught with $4m in stolen bank notes


On Florida man 15 January Police were fast on the scene when a man was spotted walking down the Miami beach front with a suspicious suitcase. There were reports that a bank was robbed in Hollywood shortly before the Florida man was seen casually walking down the road. 

Officers say that the Florida man in question was smoking a cuban cigar and seen throwing money at waitresses as he walked down the boulevard. He is described as a bald male, 5ft 4, short beard and a mouth full of gold teeth. 


The Florida man 15 January arrest detailed


The Florida man 15 January was chased down the boulevard before being tackled to the ground by officers, The Florida man began lashing out and telling the officers that he will buy them out before being swiftly brought to justice. 


When we finally caught up with the officers who made the arrest, they said that the man did in fact slip them a few thousand dollars each with the promise that they would let him go, but it was just a facade to help calm the man down. One officer said “he could have put my daughter through college, but that isn’t justice, I was there to serve justice”.  The officer continued “we spoke to the chief about the money and about donating it to a good cause, but he told us to keep it for the good work”.


The Florida man 15 January sentence


The Florida man 15 January was sentenced to 29 years in federal prison, for robbing a bank at gunpoint and trying to bribe police officers. The Florida man in question is named Javier Rodriguez and hails from New Mexico, and was on a weekend stag do that went wrong when he decided to rob the bank whilst high on THC. 


Florida Man 15 January 2011 – Florida man dances naked


On the 15th January 2011 a Florida man thought it was a good idea to dance naked at the beach in Tampa Bay, FL. The Florida man was caught at the scene and was arrested for indecent exposure. The Florida man told authorities that he was told by god that he should let himself be free, and as such he ripped his clothes off, all 15 items and show his privates off to the world, the silly Florida man.


Florida Man 15 January 2022 – Florida man shoots eagle


A Florida man on 15th January 2022 was arrested for shooting the American bald eagle, as it was circling around him and his dog on a path out in the sticks. The Florida man was heard shooting 15 times at the bald eagle, before the eagle hit the floor on the 15th minute of 3pm on the 15th January. The Florida man was arrested and was sentenced to serve 15 consecutive years behind bars for his transgressions.


Our thoughts


There is never a dull moment in Florida, that’s for sure. For the size of the state, there is a lot going on. Hopefully we will see the end of the naughty Florida man and the system that creates this chaos. 

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