Florida Man July 31st – Florida Man Lands Passenger Plane

Florida man July 31st

Florida man July 31st 2019 – Florida man lands passenger plane after pilot passes out


On Florida man July 31st, a Florida man landed a passenger plane when the pilot passed out mid-flight after drinking a bottle of water laced with Rohypnol.


The pilot, who had picked the bottle of water up on his way into the cockpit, had actually picked up a bottle that one of the flight attendants had brought on, and had shared the bottle with the co-pilot before take off. 


Shortly after, when the pilots would not respond to comms, a flight attendant pager was triggered to check on the pilots and the attendant discovered the pilots passed out whilst autopilot was engaged. 


A call for help escaped the cockpit as the attendant asked if there were any other pilots on board, and thankfully a Florida man, ex-pilot for the Navy, was on board and aided the plane’s landing in a nearby state. 


The pilots were taken to hospital and treated, and an investigation is now underway to find out who laced the bottle, as it was believed that it must be one of the passengers on board. 


Camera footage is still being worked on, but if caught, the man will likely serve a double figure sentence. 


Florida man July 31st 2020 – Florida Man Lost in Antarctica found in Mexico


On Florida man July 31st, a Florida man who had gone missing in Antarctica 3 years ago was found in a slave pit in Mexico, working on stirring several different substances for a cartel operation nearby. 


A distressed voice message via Whatsapp had made it out to a family member’s phone which triggered hopes that he was alive and well, telling of being taken from Antarctica and put on a boat to Mexico and taken near the city of Guadalajara. 


The florida man’s voice message, which we now have access to, stated “I was taken, I need you to save me, I don’t know what year it is, there are signs for Guadalajara 2 miles away nearby. Please save me, I am on death’s door”. 


Within 2 days of the voice message, US authorities had clearance to enter the city and investigate the whereabouts of the Florida man, and followed an armed cartel out of the city before raiding them. The Florida man, along with 47 other slaves, many from East Asia, were freed and sent home. 


The conditions looked torturous, with some people recounting the daily use of knives on their arms and backs if they did not meet their quotas. 


Arrests have been made, via a coordinated effort with the Mexican authorities, and thankfully the Florida man July 31st is home and safe, along with all of the other workers. 


Florida man July 31st 2022 – Florida Man shot at Ariana Grande concert


On Florida man July 31st, a Florida man was shot in the back of his head at an Ariana Grande tribute concert near Amalie arena, Florida. 


The Florida man, who was near the front of the concert, was over 6ft tall and was obscuring the view of many behind, and when asked to move to the back he assaulted 3 young girls who were attending the concert. 


After the assault, the 3 young girls contacted one of their parents, who came to the concert and after a short altercation, shot the Florida man in the back of the head. 


The Florida dad was arrested at the scene. 


When we caught up with the police, they told us “this is what happens when you don’t have good education in low states like Florida, instead of talking it out like normal people they both chose violence and unfortunately one of them paid the ultimate price”. 


The Florida dad was sentenced to 13 years in prison for involuntary manslaughter, as the judge and jury agreed that he was in a threatened position when he pulled the trigger, although we disagree with the location of where the bullet entered. That’s US law for you. 


Our Florida man July 31st thoughts


Absolutely crazy, an ex navy pilot, right place at the right time, a very naughty Florida dad and a man rescued by the US government, one thing for sure is that Florida man July 31st is an interesting date in the history of the Florida man.


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