Florida Man January 7th – Florida Man Shoots Alligator

Florida man January 7th

Florida Man January 7th is one of the most random events I have ever read for a Florida Man. On the 7th day of January, what did he do? Check out the full story here:


Florida Man January 7th 2016 – Florida man arrested for shooting an alligator in the river


Officers were quick to the scene where a Florida man aged 39 shot a crocodile in cold blood. The Florida man in question lived in Tallahassee but had traveled locally for a day out with his dog, when the dog was attacked by an alligator. 


The Florida man instantly jumped into action, stabbing at the Alligator to free his dog, including taking out the Alligator’s eyes in an attempt to get it to loosen its grip.


A nearby pedestrian spoke to us recently, and told us “the man was crazed when the alligator lunged for his dog. He instantly stabbed it in the eyes with a pen knife and ran it back into the river”. The pedestrian continued “but it didn’t end there, he felt bad for the blind alligator knowing it would then starve to death, so he ended it’s life, I was in shock”. 

Blind alligator
Blinded Alligator

The Florida man January 7th arrest


The Florida man on January 7th handed himself in to authorities after he took his dog to his parents for care. He was apprehended in the station and put in a cell for holding whilst judges awaited a jury decision. When police received the call that he was coming in, they stationed armed officers at the doors in case he still had the knife present on his person. 


The Florida man January 7th sentence


The Florida Man, named Jerry Goldberg 39 from Tallahassee was sentenced to 9 months in jail for his crime, he received the minimum sentence due to his history of non-violence and his active cooperation in the case. 


Florida Man January 7th 2018 – Florida Man Arrested For Shooting Into Apartments


A Florida man was arrested on January 7th 2018 for shooting his rifle into the sky 150 times. The Florida man in question decided that he would no longer be needing any of his guns, so he decided to fire off all of the rounds skyward before disposing of the weapons. The Florida man, known as Quentin Reggie, shot 150 bullets in the direction of 7 apartments and the Florida man unfortunately caught someone with a bullet.


The person who was caught with the bullet was 77 year old grandmother of 18 named Sally Rivera, who is thankfully alive as the bullet only entered her right shoulder.


Florida Man January 7th 2020 – Florida Man Fights Leopard With Boxing Gloves


A Florida man was arrested on suspicion of fighting a leopard in the middle of a zoo in Orlando, Florida. The Florida man climbed into the cage where the leopards lived and put on a pair of boxing gloves before attempting to box the leopard. The Florida man threw 7 punches at the leopard, and on the 7th punch was mauled and killed on site. Unfortunately for the Florida man, he also left the enclosure open, so the leopard got out and began a massacre on it’s captors, poor Florida man.


Our Florida man January 7th thoughts


Although we have seen many disastrous stories coming out of Florida, this one seems a genuine case of a man wanting to save his dog and not wanting the alligator to starve to death, so we feel bad for the Florida man in question. If you want to see some more Florida man content, check it out here: https://knitwitch.com/florida-man-may-22nd/

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