Florida Man June 11th – Florida Man Saves Toddler from Mountain Lion

Florida man June 11th

Florida man June 11th 2019 – Florida man saves toddler from mountain lion


On Florida man June 11th, a Florida man who was out for a morning jog saved a toddler from the grasp of a mountain lion as it pounced towards him during his walk to school.


The Florida man was running up a hill when he heard screams behind him, as a mountain lion appeared from the direction of the Florida everglades, and began running at a mother and her young child.


The Florida man reportedly broke into a sprint towards the mother and child to protect them as the mountain lion began its pounce, and managed to intervene before the animal made it to the child. 


When we caught up with the mother she told us “if it wasn’t for him, my son would be dead, there cannot be any more proof that god is real because he told me he doesn’t normally run this way, and that he had a feeling that he was guided this way, god saved my child”.


The Florida man, who was bitten multiple times in the attack before stabbing the lion with a nearby sharded rock, has had to have his arm amputated due to infection, and will spend the next 30 days in hospital whilst an antibiotic course takes place. A go fund me has been started as the Florida man did not have health insurance, to help tackle the medical bill which is said to likely exceed $1 million. 


Florida man June 11th 2020 – Florida Man arrested for choking raccoon


On Florida man June 11th, a Florida man was arrested for choking a raccoon that attacked his daughter as she arrived home from school.


The Florida man, who had already entered the house, was surprised to hear his daughter screaming outside, and when he rushed outside he saw the raccoon attacking and biting his daughter, who was in streams of tears.


The Florida man picked up the raccoon, and choked it until it passed out, eventually tossing it over the back fence towards the busy highway. 


Calls then came in from angered motorists, stating that an animal had been thrown onto the highway and caused traffic build up, and after a short investigation the Florida man was arrested and sentenced to 190 hours of community service for the disruption. 


Florida man June 11th 2022 – Florida Man jailed for cutting alligator’s eye out


On Florida man June 11th, a Florida man was jailed for cutting an alligator’s eye out when it swallowed his golf ball, after a shot went astray. 


Reports say the Florida man was a regular at the golf course, just south of Miami beach, and this was not the first incident where he had shot astray and got into a tangle with an alligator. 


The Florida man had previously been barred from several golf courses for attacking animals that had either distracted him or been near his ball as it landed. A personal account from one of the Florida man’s colleagues told us “he is such a hothead, he loves controlling play and he loves hurting anyone and anything if things don’t go his way, he’s a child”. 


The trial is due to conclude in 2 weeks, and so far the Jury have agreed on all counts guilty for harming animals for no reason.


Our Florida man June 11th thoughts


Wow, what a crazy set of Florida man June 11th stories, we’re so happy that the Florida running man was in the right place at the right time otherwise a mother would have had to bury their child that day. 


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